PANEL: How to promote mental well-being in the workplace

Apr 29, 2020

3:50 pm

Research shows a rise in reported mental health issues among employees, leading to an increasing number of companies making employee well-being a top priority. In this session, hear from some of the nation’s top employers on the steps they are taking to improve employee well-being. 

  • Proven strategies and programs that support employee well-being
  • Developing resources to manage mental health and stress related concerns  
  • Integrating mental health support within employee health benefits 
  • Going beyond wellness programs and developing a culture of well-being 
  • Promoting awareness and overcoming social stigma associated with mental health
  • Rim Abohegab

    Vice President, Human Resources

    HSBC Global Service Centers Philippines & Egypt

  • Hope De Los Reyes Picson

    HR Director


  • Sharon Hernandez

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

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