28 APRIL 2021 | Live and Online

9:15 am

Leadership strategies to rebuild trust and resilience

As we continue to recover and rebuild, HR leaders are rethinking the importance of trust. How can we rebuild trust and resilience with our workforces?

  • Strategies to build physical, emotional, financial and ethical trust
  • Re-engaging employees with your vision and mission
  • Rebuilding organisation and team culture post COVID-19
10:20 am
10:25 am

PANEL: HR strategies to build flexibility, adaptability, and agility

An agile workforce enables organisations to respond to external market shifts. In this panel, we will hear from organisations who have embraced agility as part of their day-to-day operations.

  • Reward and recognition strategies to drive adaptability
  • Reallocating people quickly to where their skills are needed
  • Remuneration and incentive structures that support agility and flexibility
  • Re-shaping organisational structures to become more agile, leaner and more efficient
  • Helping your workforce to do more without burning out
  • Managing your workforce when the future is unclear
  • Linking employee goals to business priorities while maintaining a strong element of flexibility


Drew Fernandez

Global Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola

Jo-Ann Maluenda

Head, Organization Design and Workforce Planning, SM Investments Corp-Investment Portfolio

Marco Angelo Padernal

Director, Employee Experience, JG Summit

11:55 am

Mental health strategies for a remote workforce

Research has shown an increase in reported mental health issues among employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Companies are now shifting their priority towards employee wellbeing during this time of uncertainty. In this session, Aileen will discuss the steps ABHeineken is taking to improve employee wellbeing.

  • Developing initiatives to manage mental health and stress for a remote workforce
  • Integrating mental health support to your current HR strategy
  • Creating a culture of support through empathetic leadership

Aileen Aumentado

Head of HR, ABHeineken Philippines

12:25 pm
12:30 pm

PANEL: Redesigning performance management for the next ‘new normal’

During COVID-19, some companies have cancelled their review cycles, while others continued with legacy systems. What approach should we be taking in this new normal?

  • Successful programs for assessing and measuring remote workforce
  • Recalibrating KPIs to reflect a world that is more flexible
  • How to make performance goals fair and meaningful in this chaotic, ever- changing, uncertain environment
  • Recognising and rewarding stars who are shouldering an extra-heavy workload
  • Ongoing coaching conversations that establish a rhythm of collaboration
  • How should we think about bonus pay and incentives in this ‘new normal’?


Dante Jose Borja

Head of HR Operations, Merck Group

1:50 pm

Labor law update: Workplace health and safety

Employers need to take action to protect workers from the health and safety risks as is ‘reasonably practicable’. But what does this obligation mean on a practical level in the context of the COVID pandemic?

  • How to identify, assess and reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Responding to a suspected or diagnosed case of COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Tips on planning the return of workers in the office
  • What should employers do if employees refuse to return to the workplace?
  • Can employers require employees to be vaccinated?

Kenneth Chua

Partner, Quisumbing Torres

2:40 pm

The future of HR – reimagined

In the final talk of the day, we will consider the future of the workplace and what role HR might play in helping to reshape and redefine the purpose of the workplace.

  • Reimagining business as usual – what does the future hold?
  • How will new tech like AR and VR transform your employee and customer experiences?
  • What new roles will evolve over the next 10 years?

Rizza Bucoy

Vice President Head of Human Resources, GCash

3:15 pm
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